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Krejcir: Business As Usual – An expose of the worst mafia boss this country has ever seen

KrejcirJonathan Ball Publishers is proud to present Krejcir: Business As Usual – the first comprehensive exposé of the worst mafia boss this country has ever seen, including material from never-before-published affidavits and exclusive sources:

Just who is Radovan Krejcir?

Known as “Baas John” to his underlings, he arrived in South Africa in 2007 under a false passport. He was a fugitive, a powerful Czech multimillionaire, who escaped from prison on fraud charges and fled to the good life in the Seychelles. But a bid by the Czech Republic to have him extradited saw Krejcir coming to South Africa. He was arrested at the airport, but an alleged bribe kept him in the country.

Once free, the Czech bought an ostentatious mansion overlooking Johannesburg. He held court from a suburban restaurant, eating and drinking with known criminals and senior police officers, making bloody deals and signing virtual death warrants. But it was the ruthless murder of Lolly Jackson that brought Radovan Krejcir’s name into the limelight.

Over the next three years 10 more deaths took place, each one more dramatic than the next. He was also the victim of a bizarre James Bond-style shoot-out. His business Moneypoint exploded when a bomb left inside a bag blew up, killing two associates.

Soon afterward Krejcir was arrested, but in true Krejcir fashion even a jail cell could not hold him down. Police foiled a plan to murder top cop Colonel Nkosana Ximba and forensic investigator Paul O’Sullivan and to stop numerous escape attempts.

He has been found guilty and sentenced for kidnapping, attempted murder and attempted drug possession. He also faces charges for the murder of Sam Issa, the conspiracy to murder investigators and the murder of Phumlani Ncube, a hit man‐turned informant. But Krejcir reveals why we have not heard the last of the worst crime boss South Africa has ever seen.

About the author

Angelique Serrao is an investigative journalist at News24 and previously worked at The Star. During her multi‐award winning career, Serrao has covered numerous high profile stories, including the e‐toll investigation, the Wendy Machanik estate agency fraud and the Dave Sheer Guns scandal. She co‐wrote The E‐toll Scandal: A Journey from CEO to Civil Activist with Wayne Duvenage (2014).

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